How to Increase Long Tail Game Revenue with Web3

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How to Increase Long Tail Game Revenue with Web3

Most Web3 enthusiasts know that we are in the nascent stage of the development of both the technology and its applications. And in terms of Web3’s involvement in games, there is a fair amount of uncovered potential, particularly in terms of monetization.

Introducing Living Assets - NFTs Beyond Collectibles

This is the first of a series of posts in which, here at, we’d like to introduce the Living Asset, an evolved version of NFT that, we believe, will unleash the far greater potential that resides in this concept, and will power sustainable business models beyond the current hype.

Living Assets - NFT 2.0: a Toolbox for Engagement

Learn several ways in which evolving NFTs can lead to unprecedented levels of engagement with user-owned digital goods, trough the ‘toolbox’ analogy. We are eager to plant the seed of creativity, and let the entertainment industry continue the brainstorming, and to uncover novel uses that the Living Asset concept enables.

Published article - Partnership between Ibiza Token and

Ibiza’s first NFT marketplace supports island-based content creators and businesses, by connecting local excellence to a global audience of Ibiza lovers.

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