Our principal mission is to create Living Assets, the NFT 2.0 platform that will power the next generation digital industry, and reach the mainstream user.

Living Assets represent the next generation of NFT technology: unique digital assets that change or evolve, and can be created and traded at a scale and cost to reach the mainstream. They are to NFT 1.0 digital collectibles what videogames are to stamp collections.

Living Assets allow content creators to truly engage with their audiences. Be it a videogame or an artist, you can unleash your creativity to create evolutionary rules that change asset properties, retaining your users' attention, and hence, increase monetization.

And of course, you can also create standard, immutable NFTs with us. And in their millions, at virtually no cost.

Living Assets can be traded in FIAT currency, thus permitting users to enjoy the benefit of true digital ownership in a seamless way - without even realizing the power of the underlying blockchain that makes this dream come true.

Our values

We constantly challenge the status quo. With hard skills in the team that range from pure math to engineering and design, we are not afraid to embark on building new stuff for which there are no clear patterns in the industry.


We encourage challenging questions, not taking disagreement personally, and proposing solutions rather than highlighting problems.


"Always assume the others are doing the best they can" is a motto that inspires us. When stakes are high, we try to see "the other side", be patient with others, and share the work burden.


We are honest with everyone, and respectful of the diversity in our team and in wider society, in every aspect, from race and culture to gender.


One thing we learned directing teams, whether in small startup or large corporations, was the importance of helping everyone grow, both in hard and soft skills, both as employees and as people.

Common Sense

We value common sense. We do stuff because it matters, and because we know it will add real value to others. Led by data, but guided by common sense. Because we know that the whole ecosystem, from creators to consumers, will benefit.


We're here because we love it. And when you love what you do, things are fun. And yes, we also play together in long DnD campaigns too.

A Passionate



From Maths to UX. From String Theory to Computer Graphics. From Mission-critical Systems to Video Game development. From Kubernetes to founding successful startups. We're proud of working with each other.

The Founders

Previously CTO of Bodypal.com, CEO of Shar3d.io, and Director of Barcelona World Race - The GAME. Ph.D. in Medical Physics from University College London. Coordinator of Master in Advanced Videogame Development at La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull.

…and all these

great people

Carla Trujillo
Blockchain & Backend Engineer
Cristian Cuaresma
Senior DevOps Engineer
Adrià Puigdellívol
Alex Cordón
QA & Development
Bruno Molteni
Senior Front-end Developer
Gerard Colomer
Principal Product Manager
Stefania Asis
Communications & Culture Manager
Ignacio Pujol
Business Developer
Jürgen Kudla
Senior Full-stack Developer
David Pla
Senior Software Engineer
Alex Ripoll
Senior Backend Developer
Mimouna El Beghdadi
Junior Marketing Associate
Daniel Fuyà
Junior Product Manager
Alessandro Aiello
UX/UI Designer
Alex Rodriguez
Principal Product Manager
Zoran Jakšić
Senior Software Engineer
Natalie Rodic Marsan
Head of Brand & Communications
Johann Biais
Head of Finance
Kidan McLetchie
NFT Strategist
Blanca G. Chias
Workplace Manager
Soren Runge
Head of Business Development
Mingjie Xu Zhang
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Let's get

in touch

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